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Fantasy Dream Battling Rules

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Fantasy Dream Battling Rules

Post by Kilzo on Mon May 09, 2011 6:13 pm

~Fantasy Dream Battling Rules~

1. When challenging someone to a battle or spar make sure you state in the title who it is. If it is just a spar for anyone to join just say "Open Spar". If you use any other different type of title for the thread make sure that the first post of yours on the thread says what you will be doing and what will happen during the fight. For anymore question visit the Battle Template Topic ;D

2. Make sure to post the link of the bio you are using.

3. Be very descriptive in your battles. Do not just say "I block the attack". Try to say something like I block the attack with a shield of water I created to protect me. But you can be even more descriptive than that of course ;D

4. Only one bio is to be used during a battle. That means that you can only use the bio you have chosen to use for that battle you cannot just tag team an opponent with both of your bios.

5. Make the fight as real as possible. So don't do things like you do fire magic while you are punching your opponent, and you are also falling off a building.

6. Use only techniques you have learned. Don't make a post in which you use sword fighting and you haven't even done the training for that.

7. Shapeshifting, force field projection, telekinesis, conjuration, and duplication may only be used 3 times during a battle or spar. So try to make it count.

8. You are allowed to use 4 moves in one turn.

9. If you feel your opponent is doing something wrong do not argue just PM a Master and ask their opinion on the subject.

10. Bio stealing is allowed however you must first ask your opponent if they are willing to do that. You cannot just kill them in battle and then steal their bio afterward.[/center]

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