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Post by Kilzo on Mon May 09, 2011 5:40 pm

1. You are allowed only 2 bio(s).

2. If you want to change one of your bios you are fully allowed to do so, however you have to state whichever bio you are dropping to replace with the new one.

3. After you make a bio you have to wait for a Mod. or Admin to approve it. If there is something wrong with your bio a Moderator or Admin will tell you and you can change it to make it right.

4. You must have your bio approved before you can start using it.

5. After your bio has been made you have to wait 2 weeks before you can drop it for another bio.

6. Also, be sure to update your bios regularly by making another topic saying something like "Update of _______ bio" (the empty part would be the name of your bio character). After that wait for a Mod. or Admin. to approve it.

7. If you don't feel like updating your bio by doing another thread than you can always post what you have learn in the "Welcome Messages" section of your profile.

8. Try to make the history fit into a Medieval-esque era as it is a Fantasy Roleplaying Site involving magical creatures and the rank system takes after the Feudal Hierachy a bit (Royaly, Nobility, etc.)

9. Be creative in making your bios. Don't make a Mermaid Bio for instance and name the character Ariel and create the history of her falling in love with a human and then turn into one. Making a mermaid bio and having the name Ariel as the bio name is okay but don't give the same history or personality. Try to invent your own character and unleash your creativity.

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