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Fantasy Dream Rules

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Fantasy Dream Rules

Post by Kilzo on Fri May 06, 2011 10:08 pm

~Fantasy Dream Rules~

  • Spamming- Spamming of any kind on this forum will not be tolerated. An example of spamming is one word replies, double, triple posting, or posting in a thread where it is specifically stated that only a certain group can post in such as a Moderator, an Administrator etc.

  • Flaming, Trolling- Flaming, Trolling, Insulting etc. is absolutely not permitted. Flaming someone on a post that they made will get you an infraction. There is a difference between constructive criticism and insulting remember that. Also troll threads such as one on named "I hate such and such" can grab the attention of someone and this will start a flame war between a number of people who differ in their opinions. To avoid this simply don't post on the thread and contact a Moderator to lock the thread.

  • Reviving Dead Topics- Posting in topics that have not been posted in for over a month is considered breaking the rules on this forum.For certain sections on the site you can which I will specify in another thread.

  • Multi-Threads- Posting threads discussing the same things as another thread that was already posted is not allowed. This act will get a user a warning the first time but if the problem persists then that will result in an infraction and so on. Use the Search button please.

  • Advertising- Advertising of another site is not allowed. You may only advertise through Private Messaging not on the forums, Visitor Messages or the Chatbox. Doing so will result in an infraction.

  • Explicit Posts- Posting of anything that is graphically violent or contains explicit sexual activity such as porn, hentai, etc. will be thoroughly dealt with and can result in a 1 day ban or longer in a worst case scenario. This goes for images, videos, etc.

Remember if you see anyone breaking any of these rules fell free to use the report button. If you don't then a Mod. or I will take care of it so no need to worry but it will be very appreciated if you did help by reporting.[/b]

Much Thanks,

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