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Dei Kingdom

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Dei Kingdom

Post by Kilzo on Sun May 08, 2011 5:23 pm

Dei Kingdom

Welcome to Dei Kingdom "The Kingdom of the Divine Rulers". This is where the 12 Divine Rulers will discuss with one another certain rules they wish to pass down to the other kingdoms, maintain the defense of their divine kingdom, and try to maintain peace between the other kingdoms of Terra.


The Dei Kingdom which has existed since time began created the Magical Races present on Terra. However the Dei Kingdom was not the first kingdom to come into existence. The Infernus Kingdom came into existence the same exact time as the Dei Kingdom with the Dei Kingdom representing the nature of Good while the Infernus Kingdom represented the Evil Nature. Over time the two kingdoms created beings to do their fighting for them. The creatures they created however grew tired of fighting for their creators and began to fighting a war for their own purposes. The Dei Kingdom knowing that the manipulation of the other species was wrong intervened in their war and put an end to it though they reminded the species they once created that they would not involve themselves in any other wars and would remain neutral. The Dei Kingdom from that point on passed their guidance onto the creatures they created in hopes that future bloodshed would not happen. However, wars continued to happen so the Dei Kingdom as a result scarcely gave guidance to the mortal creatures and regarded them as savages for fighting constantly.

~Only Divine Rulers and their personal bodyguards may post in this Sub-Forum. The only time another Magical Race is allowed to post here is if you are having negotiations between yourself and a Divine Ruler. Even then you must contact the Divine Ruler you wish to talk to and you must be of the governing council of your own kingdom.~

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